Farmsafe Australia

In a sentence, Farmsafe Australia is committed to making Australian farms safer places to live and work.

Our mission is to improve the wellbeing and productivity of Australian agriculture through enhanced health and safety awareness and practices. This means Aussie farmers who are healthier, wealthier and unburdened by risks to life and livelihood - whether on the job, or just enjoying life on the land.

The Farmsafe Initiative grew out of the establishment of a number of locally-based farm safety action groups and State Farmsafe Committees in the late ‘80s.

Local Farm Safety Action Groups continue to be active in a number of States, and are the basis of strong local campaigns aimed at improving health and safety in rural communities.

Today, Farmsafe Australia is the national entity connecting various groups that share a common interest in agricultural health and safety.

We are 100% not-for-profit, and in recent years we have dedicated significant time and effort to raising awareness of key health and safety issues on Australian farms through social media and engagement with communities and stakeholders.

Our programs and activities are based upon the philosophy that the primary responsibility for farm safety rests with individual farmers, farm workers, and their families.

By improving the availability of information on hazards, risk factors and practical safety solutions, farming communities can come together to significantly reduce the risk of injury and illness associated with agricultural production.

We believe that Government and other stakeholders have important roles to play in supporting Aussie farmers’ health and safety.

This includes setting up mechanisms to support farmers’ individual efforts to improve safety outcomes (for example, by offering rebates for quad bike training and rollover protection – as in NSW and Victoria) and by actively working to identify practices and products that pose an unacceptable risk to health and safety.

The wider rural community can assist in facilitating farm safety action through the development of a ‘safety culture’ within those communities. Local networks of farming families, friends, businesses, and community organisations can all play a part in helping to alleviate some of the pressures of farming life.

In support of this philosophy, Farmsafe Australia has sought to establish itself as a centre for sharing of information and other resources relating to farm safety. In addition to this, we continue to advocate directly for farm safety with the assistance of our Members, Partners and the Government.

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