About the Conference

Theme: Farming for a future


This theme has been chosen because year after year, agriculture is rated one of the most dangerous industries to work in. There is obviously a high risk profile in farming that will not significantly change. We work with heavy loads, we work with large animals, we work with chemicals, we work with heavy machinery, we work at heights and in confined spaces. We work in the elements and we often work alone, in remote locations.

To ensure the future of farming, we need to be much more proactive in educating our farmers, increasing their risk awareness and ensuring sound advice for protecting their employees and members of their families is available.

The Farmsafe Australia Conference 2020 will have a strong focus on risk assessment and awareness, planning and mitigation, particularly in light of a year of drought, bushfire, floods and COVID-19. The topics covered will include most of the usual high risk issues, however mental health awareness and support will be an overarching consideration to be brought into most conversations as it underpins the overall well-being of our workforce.

Conference objective


The objective of the virtual Conference is to highlight progress on farm safety and to draw together key stakeholders that will contribute to future improvements in WHS.

Target audience

This virtual conference aims to bring farmers, risk management experts, policy makers, regulators, general practitioners, nurses, researchers, first responders, mental health experts, those involved in the agricultural supply chain, farm women, youth, rural leaders, veterinarians, together to find innovative ways to improve the safety and health of the farming, farm families and rural population.

Anticipated benefits for the community

The virtual conference will attract delegates from Australia and potentially overseas from many fields of interest such as:

  • Agriculture representing a range of commodity sectors

  • Work health and safety

  • Health and safety and injury prevention researchers

  • Product design and safety

  • Risk assessment and insurance underwriting

  • Program design and implementation

  • Medical practitioners and allied health professionals

  • Acute care

  • Rehabilitation and evaluation


A considerable proportion of the delegates will likely be key decision makers, capable of influencing debate and decisions within Australia. As a high-risk industry, the agricultural community will benefit significantly from any reduction in injury related deaths and injuries.

Program content and structure

The program will take place as an online virtual Conference. Live and on demand presentations will be made available to registrants over a period of three days. There will be a combination of plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, e-posters and workshops. Interaction will be encouraged through and Q&A sessions, networking sessions and a virtual exhibition hall.